These pieces are commissioned from individuals and organizations to commemorate milestone events (think anniversaries, birthdays, retirements, family reunions, and weddings), special places (a cherished home or favorite trip) or venerable institutions (small museums, schools, historic sites).

Starting with your photographs and keepsakes, and incorporating appropriate elements from my own collections, Laura creates a highly personal print suitable for framing, perfect for any occasion that calls for a special gift.  The artwork, or elements from the piece, can also be applied to note cards or other items for use as party favors or invitations.

Browse through samples above commissioned to remember a departed loved one... to commemorate the illustrious career of NBC News Anchor Tom Brokaw or author Isabel celebrate weddings/honeymoons... or pieces commissioned to memorialize cherished summer homes.  

Pricing available upon request. Please contact Laura to discuss your project or click here for FAQs.