FAQ _ Custom Artwork



How do I supply you with the memorabilia?

You can either send all the artifacts and photos for us to scan or you can have them scanned where you live and send them digitally to us.  We take great care when handling your precious artifacts so we’re happy to scan them for you if that’s the easiest. We will return them right away.

What if I don’t have a lot of source material to use in the artwork?

You probably have more than you think you do.  Laura often uses seemingly mundane elements such as a signature from an old letter, or a postmark from a vacation postcard, or imprints from a passport to help tell the story.  And she has vast archives filled with treasures applicable to all kinds of projects. Finding the right elements is part of what you hire her to do!

How long does the process take?

Each project is unique. The timeline depends on how much imagery we have to research and the ultimate complexity of the piece.  But we always try to work with our clients to complete the project in a reasonable time frame, especially if there is an important deadline such as a birthday, anniversary or retirement party etc.  Just email Laura with any questions if you are considering a project idea.  In general, it is good to allow 3-4 weeks for completion.

Can you create pieces for organization or institutions?

Yes, Laura has worked with the Library Foundation in Portland, Oregon, The American School in London, and American Friends of Covent Garden in New York.  She can create a piece for use in a notecard for your institution’s gift shop or perhaps as an invitation to a fundraising event, or as an illustration to be used on a website.

How do I go about commissioning a piece?

First email Laura with your project request. If you provide a phone number, we can start with a conversation about your project idea.  In this conversation we can discuss what memorabilia you have easy access to and what Laura might suggest would be nice to include or what elements we can provide (maps, vintage postcards, postage stamps, engravings or images of flowers etc.).  

We can discuss if this will be a print only or will also be applied to notecards.

A 50% deposit is required to initiate the project.